Tracey Marie Allen 
Portsmouth, VA

Regina F. Anthony

Shirley M. Anthony
Tammy Y. Baemon

William E. Bennett

Yolanda Benton
Antonio Booker

Brenda J. Bratcher

Merry L. Bridgers
Babette A Bynum

Maureen L. Bynum

Tracey C. Cherry
Yvette T. Cherry

Romona L. Coltrane

Sharon M. Cotton
Kelly Bishop

Joan Blunt

William L. Bobbitt
Angela D. Council

June A. Council 

Robin S. Council
Charles Eric Crest 

Arthur C. Cross

Dara Daughtry
Lisa A. Davenport

Bonnie D. Davis 
Portsmouth, VA

Kevin L. Deas
Darryl  L. Diggs

Felicia M. Dockery

William Doherty
Bryant K. Dunston

Ronnie M. Eaton

Bridgett Edwards
Debera D. Edwards

Tammy L. Edwards

Lisa D. Ellis
Noah  R. Argabright

Kimberly A. Atchley

Darryll A. Baker
A rare picture - they all seem to be enjoying doing their work.
Barbara Brown

George D. Burgess

Michael  D. Burkett 
    Mr. Outten's new cologne seems to be working well on the Senior cheerleaders.
Simon Says "Craig Vinecent, raise your hands
(above)Tonja Payne is "DAZED & CONFUSSED"
(right) And is not the only one!
Princess T. Everette

Ronald Fagan

Mary Bernice Farrow
Donna Feltman

Clayton Ferrell

Milton W. Gardner
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Tami Beamon and Keith Dunston strut their stuff at a game.

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