Therese Joan Payne 
Portsmouth, VA

Ricky Pointer
Zina Pitts

Reginald  A. Rayner
Carol Ridley 
Suffolk, VA

David Rowe

Annie Robert

Janet Schneider 
Cheasapeake, VA
Shelia Rolack

Michele L. Sherrod 
 Edgewood, MD
Shelia Shields

James K. Smith
Pat Owen
Charlottesville, VA

Kathy Pointer

Paula Pearson

Michael Porter

Charles Rivenback

Lydia Savage
Beth Simpson

Crystal Spindel 
 New Kent, VA

Benjamin Simmons

Kim Southall
Juanita Slaughter

Renee Spruill
Clayton Stephens

Sheneail Street
Tom Strub

Carlton Thomas

Debra Stanley

Belinda Stiles
Clanca Terrell

Cynthia Turner
Cynthia Sunkins

Debbie Thorn
Ann Theus

Charles Twitty
William David Ward
 Suffolk, VA

Maurice Wells
Jesse Vallejos

Lynette Wells
Antoinette Tyler

Syreatha Denise Webb
Bonnie Watson

Michael West
Portsmouth, VA
Lori White

Sonya Wilkins
Leland Wiley

Angela Williams
Trisha Williams

Micheal Steven Wright
Woodstock, MD
Daniel Williams

Vernetta Yarbra 
Charlotte, NC
Shelia Wood

Jerome Young
Catrina Winfield

Ellen Sonalea' Yates 
Chesapeake, VA
Other 1982 Alumni Not Pictured
Norma Modlin 
Portsmouth, VA

David Lawrence Smith
Laurel, MD

Koem Verlinde 
(Foreign Exchange Student)
Evergem, Belgium

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Monica Cecila White 
Chesapeake, VA

Elvira Mendez
Phyllis A. Jackson 
Sandy Lynn Joyner 
Chesapeake, VA
Regina Marie Cross
Norfolk VA

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Lead by Kevin Odom, class president, the seniors managed to get through one more successful year.
Sherman Burnslaghter, musically talented senior, entertains at the Deep Creek game.
Michele L. Thomas
Marve de Grace, MD
Robert F. Turner, Jr.
Suffolk, VA

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