Richard D. Clayton

Edard W. Clements
Elizabeth L. Cobb
Ithaca, NY

Edith K. Cole
Deborah A. Collins

John A. Collins
Joseph E. Collins

Sharon Denise Coltrane (Whitehead)
                                   Laurel E. Cooke                                               (Loving)
Drenna D. Cooke         Cheasapeake, VA
Richard T. Cornwell    Pamella J. Courtney
Elsie N. Cox           Particia A. Cox
Billy C. Crafford          Sharon S. Craig
Ernest Otto Crawford

Paula E. Crawford
Marsha D. Critcher

Cassandra M. Comwell
Durvin Phillip Cromwell

Debra S. Cross
Sandra E. Curnutte

Shona G. Daniels
Art L. Davies, Jr.

Aubrey G. Davis, III
Cynthia E. Davis

Denise M. Davis
Joseph L. Davis, III

Karen F. Davis
Ronald D. Davis
Elk Creek, VA

Linda M. Deans
Kathleen H.  Dalcambre Barbara L. Dickerson
Douglas Edward
Murfreesboro, TN          Thomas M. Dove
Dennis L. Drake        Joyce A. Driggs
    Pollock, LA
Jan L. Durham            Larry E. Eakin
Bonnie L. Early       Louise A. Early
Erick B. Edwards       Melvin R. Edwards
Rebecca A. Edwards   Virginia P. Edwards
Jacqueline M. Ekelof      Elvin L. Ellis, Jr.
Phillip D. Ennis

Teresa L. Ennis
William R. Ethier

Susan L. Fender
Alice E. Ferguson
Virginia Beach, VA

Rebecca M. Fernandez
Calvin B. Fields

Pamela C. Folies
Cyril A. Fotz

Bonnie L. Forehand (Frink)
Chesapeake, VA
Clayton L. Foreman

Sarah L. Foreman
Shelia D. Gaines

Sandra A. Gallop
Sandra J. Garner

Linda J. Garrett
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Seniors Pilot Activities
Seniors Provide Leadership in Class
Mrs. E. Ward-Homeroom 129
Puredi acts out Hamlet in his English class.
Miss Adams-Homeroom 133.
Players have roll call at pep rally.
Seniors Take Part in Football and Wrestling
Seniors Face Future With Definite Goals.
Oct. 20, 2015