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1965 - 1968 Reunion Pics
65 to 68 35th Reunion DVD or Tape

Jerold Randolph Vaughan "Randy"

Barbara Ann Vick

Sandra Kay Vick (Koppen)
Judy Marie Vicks

Amy Kay Virnelson (Rhodes)

Linda Kaye Voshall
Ron Wayne Wagner

Mary Reed Walker

Lynn Wallace
Vicki Darleen Ward (Nelson)
Chesapeake, VA

James Edward Warren

Joe Carroll Watson
Robert Wayne Weaver
Fredericksburg, VA

Carolyn Elizabeth Weiss

James Edward Wells
Gary Gene Wermick
Palm Harbor, FL

Pamela Wyan West

Loretta Jean White
Orville Lee Whitehurst, Jr.

Jerry Powell Whitley
Smithfield, VA

Shelby Landis Whitley
Shirley Elaine Wilburn

Janet Lucinda Willey

Virginia Cheryl  Williams (Jarvis)
Suffolk, VA
Camie Jean Willis

John Richard Winborne

Patricia Lee Wooten
June Eileen Wright

Lynda Dianne Young

Harold C. Zedd
 Portsmouth, VA 
Audrey Ruth Wallace
Boone, NC

"Oh! Ther's no question about it!  The Great Pumpkin will be here!"
Nina Hopewell, Pam Sammons, and Linda Shepard in a scene from Mr. Crane of Sleepy Hollow.
Another of our numerous Senior Class meetings!
Claudia Stone
In . . . .                 Memoriam
Mike O'Berry
Freddy Stanley
    As unfortunate automobile accident claimed the life of Mike O'Berry in, December 1964.  Mike's warm personality and sincerity won the admiiration and friendship of many of his associates.
    The members of his graduating class are grateful for the opportunity of having known him during his short span of life.  He will always hold a cherished postion as a member of the Class of 1965.
   A long and serious illness claimed th life of Freddy Stanley, a member of the graduating class of 1965, on April 1, 1965.  Although he was not able to attend school regularly, his quiet demeanor was always in the minds of his friends.  Freddy contributed a great deal to the activities of the Art Club.  He was also co-chairman of the Prom Phtography Committee.
   His courage and determination will always be an inspiration to all those who had an association with him.
Hettie Lynn Schultz
Round Rock, TX
Luis Soto
Timothy L. Gray
Clemson, SC
David Lawrence Revell
Smithfield, VA
William T. Reynolds
Chesapeake, VA
Harriet Marie Beachum
Virginia Basketball State Champions
Walter New
Suffolk, VA
Harold D. Smith, Jr.
July 6, 2020
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