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   John “Eddie” Lee ’68

Words:  Billie High and Amy Virnelson
Tune:     "The Unsinkable Molly Brown"

Now that we've learned to read and write,
We've got the whole wide world to see.
With the aid of knowledge
Build the heights of fame.
To the door of success we hold the key.

We went to State and left our mark.
We filled the air with our vict'ry cry!
In the face of quarrels
We have won fair laurels
For Wilson High.

As we board the ship of life
To reach the crests of our careers,
We may go far away
But in our hearts will stay
Mem'ries of these joyous, golden years.

Now we leave these hallowed halls.
For success in our lives we will strive.
This is our fond adieu,
Dear Wilson High, to you
From the class of Sixty-five.

Remember 1961? That was the year we gave up our Harry Hunt status and became "big-time freshmen" at Wilson. Many days have passed since we first wandered, bewildered and lost, through these hallowed halls.
In our first year Wilson gained three new things; the Class of '65 (Us), the Class of '66, and "E" section. Then big excitement came with that now famous bomb scare of 1962, it almost started things off with a bang! After that things settled down, and we cheered our team on, voted in our first Homecoming election, saw Freddie Sue Turner crowned Queen. Then before we knew it, it was Christmas, and we decorated baskets, bulletin boards, and went to our first Christmas Assemblies-a very memorable one! Then came exams-never ending exams! But we made it and before we could say "Class of '65" twice, it was June and they were here again; but they brought the summer vacation with them and we began anti c i p a tin g the joys of being a SOPHOMORE!

When we returned that fall, 1962, we witnessed the incoming of the new Wilson's first female S.C.A. president in the person of Julia Dorsey Reed. This year our homecoming queen was the beautiful Toni Williams. This was also the year that Cradock invaded our premises, smearing paint on the main sidewalk, leaving "tombstones" for the football players in the lobby, and "pro-Cradock" handbills in our lockers, on the night before our big Thanksgiving game.
Time passed quickly and it was spring again. This year we were really excited because for the first time in many years we were to have a Freshman-Sophomore Dance. So on the night after the Junior-Senior, we had our "big night" in "Camelot" and what a wonderful night it was! Then we watched the Seniors cavort through Wilson's last Baby Day.
In addition to all these things, we dissected frogs, read Silas Marner, still found time to cheer our teams on to victory, attend school dances, and see several of our classmates play in "The Curious Savage" another great year!

Fall of 1963... Juniors! Upperclassmen at last! This year we were to be lead by S.C.A. President, Elwood Owens, and we were more interested in all the activities as members of our class took leading roles.
This year was ushered in with Homecoming preparations. Then our very regal Queen, Annette Jenkins and our lovely Maid of Honor, Delores Batkins (from our class) greeted the "rough and tough" football team of 1937½ - 38 at a rousing assembly, emceed by "Abe" Goldblatt.
This was the year of the Beatle craze and the big thing with the boys was the Beatle haircut and the favorite word with the girls was "Ringo". The sounds of the now famous foursome from Liverpool could be heard at almost any place-day or night.
When spring came we all worked hard on the Junior-Senior, trying to find rickshaws and cherry blossoms. Then on the big night we danced to heavenly music in an "Oriental Paradise
A few weeks later we got our brand new 1964 President and said good-bye to all our Senior friends.
There was only one thing that marred the happiness of this year-the tragic death of our President, John F. Kennedy.

When we walked through the main doors last September we were SENIORS. Members of our class were in many of the big positions of the School. Bob Heely, one of our own, led the S.C. A. while another of our class, Avenell Harrington, reigned as Homecoming Queen. We rejoiced with her and all of the Alumni as we watched the Prexies beat the Smith Tigers, giving the District Champs their only loss.
The U.S. Presidential election was the big thing and the newly formed Republican and Democrat Club members battled it out, almost as much as the candidates.
Then the rush began, we attended club meetings, some of the last for us as students, hurried to order calling cards and announcements, pay our class dues, and fulfill other obligations which would prepare for our "Grand" exit from high school.
Now June is here and we are stepping into a new realm of life and whether it be college or career, we are taking with us four of the best years of our lives and pledging to you Wilson "Honor, faith, and deep devotion
And so we leave you with many fond memories.

"The Class of 1965"

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