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Woodrow Wilson
 High School
Portsmouth, VA
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Class Roster
Reg. A-101, B-106, and B-211

Woodrow Wilson High School

June, 1962

To all Wilsonites

Woodrow Wilson High School

Dear Students:

On a very cloudy morning in February of 1958, we, the Class of 1961 1/2, entered the doors of Woodrow Wilson High School for the very first time. This was to be our home away from home for the next four years.

The Student Council, under the leadership of Bill Smith, made life at this new home pleasant despite the many hardships of our Freshman year. Jimmy Sanderlin led the Student Council when we became lB's, and our new principal, Dr. Robert W. Allen, chose as his first theme "Togetherness." Another first was the selection of the classes and teachers that we wanted. Chosen Homecoming queen that year was Diane Carlo. The J.V. teams on which many of our classmates participated were undefeated, and the varsity basketball team won the Eastern District Championship.

In September, 1959, we found ourselves 2B's. Many of us had begun to join various clubs and organizations by then. The Student Council was headed by Marty Brennaman, and Jackie Drake was the Homecoming queen.

Becoming upperclassmen in September, 1960, we gained many new privileges. Morning devotions were heard on the public address system for the first time. Dickie Lasting was our Student Council President, and Pat O'Brien was our Homecoming queen. We were all proud of Faye Harrell who represented the Junior Class as Maid-of-Honor. A new dance band under the direction of Mr. Richard Dill was formed, and new singing groups-the Melody-Anus, the Melody-Aires, the Triple Trio, and the Coraliers-came into existence. With Ed Barry as Junior Class President and Miss Barbara Shafer as Advisor, we had quite an exciting year. Baby Day was fun for all, and the Junior-Senior Prom was a big success.

We elected Bruce Myers as our 4B Class President, and Mrs. Charlotte Opauski, our advisor. The hustle and bustle of ordering our calling cards, paying our dues, having our class pictures taken, and, finally, having our caps and gowns fitted, will always be remembered. Freddie Sue Turner, a member of our graduating class, was elected to reign as Homecoming queen. Bobby Allen led the Student Council in one of the most successful years yet.

What a life we have had these past four years! The friendships we made, and the events that took place will be with us for many years to come. We truly hope that your years at Woodrow Wilson High will be as pleasant and enjoyable.

Sincerely yours,

The Class of 1961 1/2