President - Charles "Bud" L. Aydlett
Vice-President - Barbara Gaskill
Treasurer - Hloy Kyriakides
Secretary - Antoinette Owens
Advisor - Miss Betty Ames
Janie Lamar Adkins

Georgie Anne Arnette
William Earnest Amon

Walter Leon Atkinson
George Arger

Charles L. Aydlett
Hamilton, OH
Chistopher Armiger

Elliot Thomas Bailey
Frances Roberts Bailey
Thomas Allan Bain, III
Leslie Stuart Barnes
Barbara Jean Balaton
Betty Jean Beecher
David Lafever Bennett
Therma Beale
Cathrine Victoria Beale
Reginald L. Boley

Mary Louise Brown
Medford Bloodworth

Marion T. Brooks
Mary Mays Blanks

Doris Carol Bozeman
Jaqueline Juanita Blankenship

John Leroy Bowman
Thomas Clifton Culpepper

George Jessel Curry
Harry Lee Cummings

Thomas Cullen Dalton
Francis E. Cummins

Kenneth Leon Daniel
Willie Mae Currin

Mary Ann Davis
John Clemmons
Murray Cobb
Richard Thomas Couture
June Gay Condrey
Victoria Mary Cilumbrello
Barbara Anne Clark
Lois Cherry
Peggy June Chappell
Dean Calloway

Henry Chapman
Richard Butler

Ersell Caswell
Anne Orman Bryant

George Carroll
Phyllis Marie Brown

Jean Carole Carpenter
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Woodrow Wilson
High School
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Class Roster
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