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February 1, 1948. Does that date have any effect upon you? That is the day that the present Senior Class of Woodrow Wilson High School came to Wilson as lowly 8B's. As we were placed in registrations 8, 10, 201, 205, 116 and 212, we regretted being separated from our friends, but we soon made new ones. We were lucky to be at Wilson for the History Convention at which Stassen was elected as Wilson's candidate for President of the United States.

Our Freshman Year came quickly! As we were joined by new classmates from various parts of the city, we realized that we were true Wilsonites. We were finally able to take an active part in clubs. Bobby Green, Presi­dent of the Student Body, ably led the school through that year.

Our Sophomore year was soon upon us, bringing many exciting activities, such as those wonderful Dramatic Club plays, that cute operetta, "Pirates of Penzance," and many thrilling sports events. That was the year that the Honor Society was first organized at Wilson.

What a wise move that proved to be! And, of course, you remember that was the year of the first Home­coming of Wilson Alumni. Although it has a history of only three years at present, Homecoming is anticipated by thousands each year. Maxie Weinberg was President of the Student Body that year.

How time passed! Our Junior Year came, and we were finally upper-classmen. George Burns was an excellent President of the Student Body that year. We chose as our Junior Class Advisor, Miss Betty Ames, who with the help of the class officers, willingly guided us through many struggles and decisions. The officers were President, Bobby Hudgins; Vice-President, Blackwell Jackson; Girls' Treasurer, Barbara Mae Gaskill; Boys' Treasurer, Wilford Sivertson; and Secretary, Jacquie Triplett.

From the beginning, we began planning the long-awaited Junior-Senior Dance. Plans, plans, and more plans! With few exceptions, we hardly had time to think of anything else. Those exceptions were such things as the Dramatic Club plays, and the exciting State Basketball Tqurnament at Norfolk in which Wilson lost out in the final game. When May arrived, we found ourselves very excited about the dance. But at last the time ap­proached, and everyone had a glorious time! The girls looked beautiful in pastel colored gowns, and the boys looked very handsome in dark suits, or white dinner jackets. Yes, that was a wonderful year for us!

Our final year at Wilson approached, and Larry Goldman, our own classmate, led the school as President of the Student Body. Again we recognized our need for an able advisor, and again we elected Miss Betty Ames for the job.

Our Senior Class Officers were President, Charles Adylett; Vice President, Barbara Mae Gaskill; Treasurer, Antoinette Owens; and Secretary, Hloy Kyriak ides. We had much to do, and little time in which to do it! We began at once having senior portraits made, ordering announcements and calling cards, and taking measure­ments for caps and gowns. Of course, in the English 8 classes, we were struggling over Senior Theses. Those of us who took History were again fortunate to be able to participate in our second History Convention. Our long awaited "Baby Day" was soon upon us. The girls looked adorable in crisp organdy dresses, with ribbons in their hair, or big French bonnets on their heads; and the boys, carrying teddy bears or water pistols were very cute in short pants. Oh, what fun we had!

But too soon, the final weeks at Wilson were on our doorsteps, and we were enjoying such Senior activities as the Senior Class Banquet, Senior Class Play, the Junior-Senior Dance, and of course - Graduation Exercises. ~Finally, it was June 13, 1952, and we were walking down the familiar aisles in the auditorium. Our high school days were coming to a close, and we looked forward to new experiences and a new life. But in all of our hearts would remain, forever, a warm spot for our Alma Mater - Woodrow Wilson High School.
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Thinking of our years at Wilson High,
Dreaming all the time, we're wondering why
We're not happy nor as gay as we should be,
But we wish we could relive that memory.

All the ball games and the dancing days
Diappear and just become a phase.
Wilson High, with tears and joy we shall leave you
We're so proud to be the class of '52.

words by Jacqueline Hudgins

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