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    The month was February; the year 1947.  Our class, the largest ever to enter Wilson, assembled in the gym to be assigned to registrations.  We were lower than "rats"; we were 8B,s suffering the usual torments of the upper-classmen.  We had been warned, but how could we doubt the sincerity in the faces of our superiors.

    The first half year passed quickly, and soon we were Freshmen and true Wilsonites.  In the course of the year we elected Carl Buell our class president, and then engaged ourselves in the business of passing subjects.

    Then came the Sophomore year, and our interests turned toward participation in school activities.  We elected Allan Hite to lead us through that most important year.

    Before we knew it  another year had passed, and we were juniors.  We elected Sonny Richardson class president.  What a thrilling year that was!  It was filled with such exciting events as a firs place tie for the Eastern District Basketball Championship; the presentation of the operetta, "Pirates of Penzance";  Dramatic Club plays and best of all, planning and decorating for the junior-Senior Prom.  The year also had its tragic side with the death of our beloved classmate and friend, Rose Mary Cottle.  Yes, our Junior year wa an unforgettable one.

    Finally that long-awaited Senior year arrived with all its excitement and anxiety.

    We got to work immediately, for there was much to be done adn so little time in which to do it.  There were Senior portraits to be taken, announcements and calling cards to be ordered, measurements taken for caps and gowns, play practices, plans to makefor Baby Day, the Class Banquet and the Junior-Senior.  All the while we were struggling over bibliographies and reviewing for final exams.

    We were fortunate to have Bill Freund as class president, and Miss Mary Rice as class advisor to help us over the rough spots.

    "Rush, rush, rush!"  up to the very last minute.  It wasn't until we began practicing the graduation march that we had any regets school days were ending.

    Then the day came - June 15th, 1951.  We finally realized that all the efforts we had put into those four wonderful years had beenworth while, and although we had made mistakes in the past, out successes outweighed our failures.

    We marched slowly up the aisle, some smiling, others unable to smile for the tears.  Somehow we knew that it was not the end, but the beginning of new and greater achievements

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