President - Bobby McCarter
Vice-President - Johnny Spence
Girls' Treasurer -  Fassie Rhodes
Boys' Treasurer - Bobby Borum
Secretary - LaRue Askew
Jo Anne Alderman

James W. Alexander
Joseph Keplon Drew, Jr.

Aubery LeRoy Facenda
Carol Fay Amdursky

Jerre Garber Ashberry
LaRue Hall Askew

Robert C. Borum
Norman Earl Fanney

Winston E. Farleigh, Jr.
Andrew J. Bradshaw

Richard C. Brown
Laura Lee George

Leo John Golden
Joseph D. Darden

Enrico DiPaolo
Robert A. Griesbach

Barbara Hall
Joseph N. Campbell

Anne Dale Coffey
Richard N. Harrell

Joe C. Hathway, Jr.

Noel Dashiell Hewitt
Cynthia Ellen Hobbs

Lucille F. Jenkins
Carolyn LaFrage

Hal Sanford McCarter
Theodore Nash Miller

Elise Buthena Moody
Mary E. O'Donnell

Edna Lorrraine Polston
Norman Lewis Newbern

Fassie Mae Rhodes

Robert Schwaldenberg
John Henry Spence

Libby Elizabeth Temple
Edward B. Sharrett

John Dallas Short
Peggy Ann Vick
Lillian E. Wilson

Patricia Lee Wright
Clarence L. White

Annis Elaine Williams
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Woodrow Wilson
High School
Portsmouth, VA
1950½ Class Roster
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