President - Sue Smith
Vice-President - Leo Antonucci
Girls' Treasurer - Jeanne Benthall
Boys' Treasurer - Hasbrouck Hughes
Student Council Rep - Billie Marie Wood
Lindon Outten Alexander, Jr.

Jacqueline Ann Babb
Robert Lonnie Anderson

Philip Norris Bailey
Amos Graham Crawford, Jr.

Mary Elizabeth Dudley
Leo E. Antonucci

Irene Ida Banks
George Ashcroft

Jesma White Barr
Joel Jo Atkins

Helen Jean Benthall
Esther Mae Benton

Gregory Creekmore
James Arnold Cartwright, Jr.

Lora Jane Cress
William Edward Conklin, Jr.

Art Lee Davis
Lawrence Lee Crabbe

Rupert Lee Davis, Jr.
John Charles Garland

Blanche Cornelia Howell
Edward "Eddie" C. Fields
Montpelier, VA

Shirley Jeannene Horan
Fred Eskin

Virginia Dare Holland
Leon Enrico

Gwendolyn Hope Hutchings
Walter Braxton Godbey

William Henry Hubbard, Jr.
Verna Louise Jones

Dorothy Nellie Lindner
James Leonard Johnson

Jack Robert Lilienthal
Howard Leigh Jacobson

Maurice Arrington Lamb
Harold Hasbrouck Hughes, Jr.

Irma Jean Kilman
Sylvia Irene Kidd

Betty Lee Male
Grace Ann Mutter

William Roger Parker, Jr.
Edwin Loyall Morris

Wilbur Allen Parker
William Thomas Moore

Clara Mae Padgett
Gordon Lee Mason

Jacquenline Dail Owens
Gloria Hope Myers

David Wallace Pond
Jack Cecil Sawyer
Tucson, AZ

Thomas Talmadge Vinson, Jr.
William C. Porter

Betty Ruth Sawyer
Georgie Burwell Pugh

Bobby Clifton Sheffield
Betty Lou Reynolds

Sue Brownie Smith
Audrey Lee Saunders

Ruth Louise Stallings
Jean Elizabeth Watson

Billie Marie Wood
Betty Frances Webb

Eustace Marion Wilkinson
Margaret Alease White

Eleanor Marie Ziegenhain
Richard Lee Wilbourn

Edwin Branch Yarbrough
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