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It was the year of '41;
Our high school days were then begun.
We were a bunch of frightened rats
Without a place to hang our hats.
Into that large school house we went;
To our homerooms we, first, were sent.
Our schedule cards before us lay;
About the haIls we all did stray.
Soon everything became more calm,
And we were not filled with alarm.
Bob Parker became our President,
Of Room 211 was a resident.
The football games were a big thrill;
We yelled and yelled with right good will.
Then came those awful things! Exams!
We worked and worked-how we did cram!
And what a joy-yes, we passed!
We were Educated Rats, at last.
In the month of March, we were amazed
When our dear school with fire did blaze!
Out we marched, the streets did fill,
Just as if it were a drill.
The plays and concerts we enjoyed
Until our A. A. stamps were void.


When we were Silly Sophomores,
Our Wilson football team made scores.
That year Pat Barham was our choice,
When votes for president we did voice.
Tn January, '43
Our land's First Lady we did see.
The operetta was a treat
As our musicians we did greet.
A look at seniors made us say, 
"Oh, we'll be glad on Baby Day." 
And so we closed our second year 
With dreams of upper classes near.


Our Junior year we'll ne'er forget
When fascinating work we met.
We all began to stand up straight,
For Posture Week was at our gate.
We wished to guard our yellow tag,
So of good posture we could brag.
This was sponsored gladly by
The Athletic Board and Girls' Hi-Y.
We all skipped school to see one day
The Shangri-La slip down the way.
That year's class President was Pat
The next at the Council's head he sat.
Then came the Coalition Convention,
And all of us got lots of attention.
We were so happy that spring day,
Our Junior-Senior was so gay.
To bring our third year to a close
As Dignified Seniors, we arose.


Our last year started with a hang,
As the hurricane around about us sang.
Coach Esleeck had a winning team,
And they beat Maury at high steam.
And we were all so proud at last
When our new dressed Band strutted past.
A gay masked dance at Hallowe'en
Where the costumes were the best we'd seen.
Then came Christmas, bright and fair,
Left were our classrooms, cold and bare.
Gifts and dances we enjoyed,
Of Latin and Math our brains were void.
Examinations came along next.
To study much harder was our text.
Now the spring term did appear
With thoughts of graduation near;
Of Baby Day, of music treats,
Of work and play, of athletic feats,
Of Senior Prom, and caps and gowns,
Of school routines~of ups and downs.
Long will remain in our memories
The names of these~our celebrities:
To Edna Earle Waters~thanks we raise, 
For the '45 President speaks her praise. 
To Miss Mary Rice, we humbly say 
"Thanks for helping us along our way.
We'll ne'er forget Doris Anne Walker,
For did she not give us our "Hi Sparker?"
There are more names we'd like to mention
If we had the space we'd give them attention.
To Mr. Sweeney, best wishes and thanks.
To Mr. Mapp, who joined our ranks,
When in '41 with us he came,
We wish good luck and lots of fame.
Adieu to all at Wilson High!
Although we hate to say good~bye!
Our days at school have brought us joy
To each of us, each girl and boy. 
"So may good luck to all arnve," 
Says the Senior Class of '45.
(To the tune of "I'll Be Seeing You")

Dear old Wilson High, the time has come to say goodbye.
With mem-o-ries of foregone years, we'll miss you!
In the crowded halls, the class when roll is called,
The friends we've made and all the things we've learned
For you we'll yearn.
Through the help we've had, from the teachers who were glad to do

The most they could to help us through
Our gratitude may we express
And know that thru our happiness, we always will he true
To our colors, Orange and Blue,
We sigh-Farewell to you.

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