President - Charles Briggs
Vice-President - Dora Leary
Girls' Treasurer - Eunice Levin
Boys' Treasurer - Bill Shaw
Secretary - Miria Dorman
Advisor - Mrs. B. M. Fontaine
Howard Amdusky

Thelma Louise Baker
Robert Ernest Barrow

Charles Culpepper Briggs
Margaret Virginia Bristow

William McKay Bunting III
Cecil R. Burkett, Jr

Reginald Eugene Byrd
David Lee Chera

Marian Adele Cogen
Jewel Creecy

George Freeman Davis
Joseph Franklin DeWitt

Miriam Driedrick Dorman
Edna Louise Durham

Newton Elmore
Elaine Estelle Eure

Jack Farfel
Margaret Elizabeth Gallilee

Ray Booker Gray, Jr.
                                Ocala, FL
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