President - Robert Hewitt
Vice-President - Betty Ann Wahman
Treasurer - Jean Howard
Student Council Rep. - Gentry Lowe
Class Advisor - Miss Helen Haines
Iris Burnell Bailey
Wanda Irene Balderson
Delma May Barrow
Hubert Alton Berry
Marcia Mae Brewer
Mary Franes Cox
Charles Ray Graig
Evelyn Louise Crowder
Lillian Frances Curling
Frances Donia Driver
Josiah Frances Freeman, Jr.
Edna Bryant Glover
Walter Stanley Griggs, Jr.
Melvin Lee Hackman
Robert Thomas Hewitt
Harley Layman Lavender, Jr.
Leatice Ann Levin
John Scott Lorber
Suffolk, VA
Gentry Heatde Lowe, Jr.
James Carl Michaels
Peggy Jane Pague
Billie Virginia Parker
William Calvin Powell
Earl Golden Ratliff
Marion Elizabeth Sharrett
Thomas Alfred Tribble, Jr.

Elizabeth Ann Wahmann
Millicent Joy Weiss
June Kathleen Wilson
Helen Olson

BACK TO 1943
John Wesley Britt
Oscar Brown
Edward Stanley Busby, Jr.
Robert James Carmichael, Jr.
Ruth Elizabeth Cotton
Ellis Stallings
Estelle Lorriane Eason
Margaret Moss Elsasser
Phyllis Gibson Epperson
Chester Harrison 
Felton, Jr.
Wilma Jean Howard
Edward Earl Hudgins
Mildred Elizabeth Ivey
John J. Jernigan
Hazel Wilson Johnson
Elma Adolphus Morgan, Jr.
Robet Alan Morton
Robert Wilson
Ruth Meredith Owens
Robert Eward Padden
Thomas William Shea, Jr.
Myrtle Jeanne Spiers
John Edward Spivey, Jr.
Lois Virginia Staples
Roland Weymouth Stephenson, Jr.

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