President - Charles Howard McDonald
Vice-President - Robena Ellen Oast
Girls' Treasurer -  Bernice Simmons
Boys' Treasurer - Chales Patrick Kiley
Secretary - Mary Marjore Ricketts
Elizabeth A. Alexander

James Warren Alford
Jess Gewin Alspugh, Jr.

Jean Gray Anderson
Elaine Virginia Archer

Katherine Armstrong
Andrew Lee Ashe, Jr.

Garland Lewis Babb
Edward Clifton Bain,,Jr.

Evelyn Marie Baker
Ruth Joyce Baker

Hubert Phelps Barnes
Edward Epes Bass

Person Alex Batten, Jr.
Parkr Baum

Philip L. Benthall, Jr.
Henry Carpenter Bigelow

Leonard Blow
John Thomas Bolling

Dorothy Jean Bozeman
Joseph Hunter Brantley, Jr.

Ann Brinkley
Fred Jacobson Britton

Leel Augustus Broughton
Ann Grice Bunkley

Margaret Fannie Burch
Richard Herbert Burton, Jr.

Bernard Herman Chovitz
Jack Codd

Vienna Elizabeth Codd
Irvin Jacob Coin

Agnes Elizabeth Cornelius
Charlotte Carr Corell

Joy Edith Cottle
Norman Covert

Virginia Louise Cox
Julia Esther Crumpler

Onider Grace Dashiell
Harriet Grace Doar

Eva Dominitz
Benjamin Vearl Dunford

Clifford Franklin Early
Syble Ernestine Early

Katherine Hope Eason
Herman Muni Eisenberg

Lucy Mildred Eure
Frances Barham Farrell 

Ruth Jean Felton
Ann Peyton Fitchette

Mildred Lee Flanders
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