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   John “Eddie” Lee ’68

Not long ago, about four years, We came to Wilson High;
And with us came the love, that still For her we'll do or die.

Out Freshman year we remember still When "Rats" was then our name,
We put our heart and soul in work, Starting our four-year game.

Nineteen hundred and twenty-seven Our Sophomore year began,
Our Freshman Adviser, Miss Timberlake, Was chosen to lead our band.

We joined the clubs, we went to games, For mighty Sophs were we,
We looked down on those lowly "Rats" And "Yatted" them mercilessly.

Our Sophomore year was over, and then Juniors in twenty-eight,
And thinking of the banquet, We surely did feel great.

The Senior Crew was entertained By a Gypsy Band so bright;
They were taken to Spain and oversea-Who could forget that night?

Seniots now, in twenty-nine, In upper halls we reign;
We try to use out dignity, And knowledge try to gain.

The Senior Class is now the class Looked up to as the lead,
And now at the end of our career, We hope we've done out deed.

To Pauline Timberlake we owe The success of all these years,
From low "Rats" to mighty Seniors, She's helped through joy and fear.

And now that we must say good-bye To the halls we love so dear,
Let us stop now, to breathe a sigh, Let us stop to shed a teat.

We'll leave these halls of Wilson, As mdst all classes do;
Buther name in our memory will e'er be first-Alma Mater, here's to you.

To you, Alma Mater, Farewell; Our four years with you are through.
Though we must go, our spirit leaves never, For never could we forget you.

Our teachers, all too sadly we leave you, Gocdhye to the halls we hold dear,
Life heckons us on;  her call must we heed, But your memories we'll ever revere.

The years we have spent here were happy, Each one was joyful and gay;
As we leave now we wish for the Juniors As Seniors, bright skies every day.

Classmates, we wish happiness for you, Years like the ones we have had.
May you always bring honor to Wilson, Yqur hearts in her service he glad.

Thy spirit shall guide, Alma Mater, Out feet in pathways of truth,
And our hearts shall remember thy teachings I~ong after we've ended our youth.

In passing we whisper this to you:May honor on you ever shine.
With a tear and a sad farewell to you Alma Mater, may glory be thine.


Farewell, Farewell, our memories shall twine, Holding us together, the Class of Twenty-nine.


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