September 1O~Opening day  of School~Mob scene.
                        Many rats were scurrying hither and thither through the building.
September 2O~Coach Kibler issued call for football men and many responded.
September 3O~First publication of the Student. It surely wentover the top.


October  2O~Installation of Student Council members-Pins presented.
October  27~Navy Day Program-a chance to see the Navy Yard-Oh, boy!
October  31~Hallowe'en Day~The Spooks will get you if you don't watch out.


November 11~Holiday at last! This one is Armistice Day.
November 24~Another holiday~Thanksgiving Day this time Turkeys-Mum!
November 26~Wilson defeated her old enemy, Maury, in the race for championship.
November 28~Seniors looked happy! What's happened? Rings and pins arrived.


December 2~Wilson victorious over Newport News for Tidewater Championship.
December 6~Victory over Roanoke for State Championship - Goal line uncrossed this season.
December 8~Dramatic Club presented "Mrs. Bumpstead - Leigh"  Great suecess.
December 15~Anniversary of Student Government.  Program in auditorium.
December 23~Christmas  Play - "Why  the Chimes Rang," given by Student Club.
                      Holidays began, to everyone's delight.


January 3~School reopened after those glorious holidays-Exams near at hand.
January 7~Glee Club under the direction of  Mr. King organized.
January 21~Honor Program given by Student  Government.
January 25~Exams!  My, how dreadful that word sounds.


February  2~We, with tears in our eyes, bade farewell to the Class of '26½
February  8~Pictures taken  for  President. What primping the girls-and even the boys~did!
February 21~George Washington Program presented in auditorium.


March 2~Snow!  Snow!  The "ill wind" blew us two days' holiday.
March 25-26~Fool's Follies"   Senior Mid­y e a r Production, presented with  Great success.
March 3O~French Club presented "Joan, the Maid," in auditorium.


April 1~Baby Day!  Here at last!  What fun! to see ourselves as we used to look.
April 9-14~Faster Holidays.


May 12~Junior-Senior Banquet!! Gee day.Whiz! Eats were fine and program great.
May 30~Memorial Day- Another Holiday!


June      ~Exam s ! S u c c e ss or Failure? Which shall he our lot?
June 12~Clad in caps and gowns we attended church to hear the Baccalaureate Sermon.
June14~Our Class Play presented.
June15~We, the Class of '27, with joyful yet sorrowful hearts received our diplomas and bade good-bye to dear old Wilson.
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