January 4.               No fatted calf to meet the prodigals, who want sleep and more sleep.

January   12          . What has happened to all those dignified Seniors? Rings have come! Oh!

January   25.           Exams!  More Exams!  Books for once dustless.


February   1.            With sad hearts all bid farewell to the Class of '25½. June
graduates now reign supreme.

February 11.            Improvements made in the cafeteria.  Look out, don't sit in the

February  25.           Have you a comb? Have you a so and so?  Pictures to be taken for
the Annual.

February  26.          "Little French Girl" to be given by the French Society.  Rats
adopted by the Juniors.


March 4.                 Do look at the library! Books presented by Class of '25.

March 10.               "Monsieur Beaucaire" presented.Auditorium full of girls.

March 19-20.          Senior "Odz and Enz" great success. Best production ever
presented by a  Senior Class.

March 25.           Senior girls win Intramural Basketball Championship. "I told you so.

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September               Mob scene, girls and boys come back to school.

                               Mr. Codd has first chance to use his whistle.  Rats creep in.

September 2O.        First call for football men.


October1.               First issue of "TheStudent" appears; subscription campaign begins.

October 8.          With regrets!  Girls' basketball abolished.

October15.         Deep mourning! Wilson loses to Newport News.

October 22            Clean-up week. Trash baskets over-worked.

October 31.       Great rejoicing. Wilson defeats John Marshall.


November 11.         Wha?'s happened?  Have the sleepers really awakened? Yes, it's Armistice  Day-Holiday.

November 19.         Ra! Ra! Etta Marshall is elected President of student body. Student  
Government sure to go over the top.

November 24.         Kirk Burch elected captain of next year's football team.

November 26.         Maury defeats Wilson 7-0.


December 4.      Why so many bright faces? "Tailor Made Man" presented today.

December 10.       Student Council takes oath of office.  W's awarded to members of football team.

December 23.       Carols in auditorium. Christmas, day after tomorrow. Exit.~


April 1.              Baby Day. There were ever so many ]ittle girls  in  short dresses,
 with hair ribbons, suckers and dolls.  There were little boys in their
 short pants and socks. Who would  believe it of all these dignified

April 10.            "The President" of '25 wins first honorable mention at Southern 
  Interscholastic Press Assn.

April 15.            Abe Coin and Annie Berson defeat Newport News in Triangular 
 Debate.  Smith Brittingham and Virginia Thomas defeated by Maury.

April 22.            Track meet at Williamsburg.

April 28.            Debate  between  Wilson and Maury.


May 8                    Percy Warren and Howard Jones represent our school in public 
speaking and reading respectively, at University of Virginia.


June 4.             Junior-Senior Banquet is one of the most elaborate affairs of the season.

June 7.             Exams draw near. 

June 13.           Clad in caps and gowns we hear the Baccalaureate Sermon.

June 14.           "The Hottentot," our class play is presented.

June 15.           We receive our diplomas and sorrowfully bid Wilson High adieu.

DearWilson the time for our farewell has come,
As before us new conquests we find,
And tho forward we press, our hearts fain would turn 
To those halls we are leaving behind.

Thru the years we have toiled that your name might be first 
Our task has been hard but we've won, 
Alma Mater, we sadly bid farewell to you, 
As our journey at Wilson is done.

Fare thee well, all our teachers, we love you each one, 
In our thoughts you are ever revered,
And the memory of classmates and teachers~entwined 
'Round our hearts shall he always endeared.

Now we leave you, dear Wilson; one fond tear we shed, 
May your name e'er in honor repose.
And deep in our garden of memories, for you, 
We shall plant our most beautiful rose.

Words by Smith R. Brittingham, Jr.
Music by Linda Booth.
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