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Woodrow Wilson
High School
Portsmouth, VA
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The Class Roster and pictures are as represented in the Woodrow Wilson High School, Portsmouth, Virginia yearbook or annual of the year indicated on the page.  The Roster may not be complete and pictures and names may have been removed by request of the person involved. Also, it does not officially indicate the year of graduation and/or that the party in question graduated.  If you are not represented in your class, you will be added to the last page of the year and you may submit a photo to be added.  All information on these pages came from the yearbook represented and alumni who have passed on information and may not be accurate.
  John “Eddie” Lee ’68

The 1925½ alumni have the year next to their name.
Mildred Elaine Kite

Paul Laderberg

Neville Lassiter

Fannie Rogers Lawrence, '25½

Martin Leavitt

Tillie Leavitt

Hallie Evelyn Lee

Welcome Beredick Leigh

Mildred Levitin

Morton Paul Levy

Elwood Jasper Lewis

Gertrude Lindauer

Ella Mable Lipscomb
Lancaster, PA

Maggie Augustus Lipscomb

Nellie Marie Long

Joseph Markman

Harvey Andrew Martin

Doris Winifred Marks

Henrietta Leah Marshall

Myra St.Julien Marshall

Ella Louise McCabe, '25½

Emily Graham McGavock

George Shirley McHorney

Kemper Miller

Abraham Mirvis, '25½

John Carl Morgan, Jr.

Margaretta Ida Morgan

Guy Pruden Morris

Hill Morrison

Mary Elizabeth Ozment