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September 11 School opens and amid much confusion and noise, schedules are arranged.

September 18 Societies are re-organized and a successful year is predicted.

September 19 Boys report for football.  Coach Landis with excellent material begins 
coaching for a Championship team.

October 16   John King, one of our most popular and able Seniors, was elected
  President of the Student Body.

October 27   This day was set aside to be observed as "Navy Day."  Many of our
students visited the local Navy Yard and viewed quite a number of new
and interesting activities.

October 28   Girls report for "Varsity Basketball Team."  Many of our last year's stars
are back with us.

November 9-15........... "Father and Son Week" is suitably celebrated.

November 24 The Dramatic Club presents Booth Tarkington's "Seventeen." Having an
 able and well selected cast, this play was one of the most successful ever
 presented in this school.

November 27  Fighting hard from start to finish the Presidents defeated the
 Commodores of Maury, thus winning the Eastern Virginia Championship.

December 6   For the third time, in three consecutive years, the Roanoke team defeated
the  Presidents for State Championship.

December 19 The Spanish Society successfully presents "Variedades," a most delightful
and entertaining program.

December 15 The Senior girls are awarded the "Inter-scholasticChampionship" under
the successful coaching of Miss Mildred Stewart, Captain of the Varsity

December 23 Christmas Holidays begin, to everyone's great delight.

January 5  We start the new year with high resolve and purpose to work for our

January 13 Room 21O, a Senior registration, is presented a banner by Coach Landis
for selling the largest number of Athletic Association passes.

January 26 Exams!!!!   With heavy hearts and book-laden arms we tread our way thru
this long, dreary week.

February 1 Sorrowfully we bid farewell to Class 24½ and with open arms we
welcome Class 28½.

February 9  We have succeeded at last in organizing a school orchestra under the
leadership of Professor King.  We expect a very successful year.

February 18  Spartacus," an interesting and educational picture, is presented by the Latin Club.

February 25  The Girl Presidents defeat Hampton, thus winning Tidewater Championship.

February 25  The French Club presents "Le Surprise d'Isidore" and "Scences de l'Opera
Faust," two entertaining one-act plays.

March 6  The Senior Boys, by virtue of six straight victories, win the school title in 

March 12   Much confusion and excitement is created by the first practices for the
"Senior Hodge-Podge."

March 13   In one of the fastest games of the season, Wilson girls defeated the 
Waynesboro sextet, winning Eastern Virginia Champion­ship.

March 2O  "Senior Hodge Podge"  is successfully presented.  It was one of the biggest 
things ever attempted by a Senior Class of this school.

March 21   In one of the most exciting and thrilling games of the season, Roanoke sextet 
defeated the Wilson sextet by one point, winning State Championship.

April 1Baby Day at Wilson
April 7        Many cameras are broken by the taking of statistics pictures. 

April 9        The Lanier presents, "The Girl I Loved," by James Whitcomb Riley, a very 
 sweet and entertaining picture.

April 9-14  With great happiness and rejoicing we celebrated our Easter Holidays.

April 18      Wilson Track Team defeats South Norfolk but loses to Maury at a track
 meet at the Naval Base.

May 2       The Physical Training Department presents a May-Day Program at the Naval
Hospital which was witnessed by a large and appreciative crowd.

May 22     The Juniors entertained very royally the dignified Seniors. The banquet was 
very successful and everyone had an enjoyable time.

June 6 After much reviewing and cramming, we, with trembling hearts, take our 
final exams.

June 13     Our Class Play, a delightfut entertainment, is presented.

June 14     Arrayed in caps and gowns we are greatly edified by the Bacca­laureate 

June 15     With joyful hearts we receive our diplomas but in tears and sorrow our high 
school career endeth.
Listen, my friends, to something gay:
April first was baby day.
Babies short, babies tall,
Babies large, babies small.

Some had all day suckers,
Some had dollies dear,
Some had funny animals 
That really did look queer.

But some who are so dignified,
Surely thought it awful
When coming on to school that day 
They encountered such a carful.

And all day long you heard the call 
Of Janes, Corettas and Mollies,
But truly it wasn't the Seniors at all, '
Twas only the babies' dollies.

So all day long they romped and played,
And when the last bell sounded,
They scampered home with books and toys,
For Baby Day had ended.
  Music by Miss PATTIE PEARSON       Words by H. BRAXTON ROUNTREE

  Wilson High, dear Wilson High,
   I love your fame in years gone by,
  And can't restrain a longing tear
  The parting day now draws so near.
  I love your halls, their echos, too;
  I love your clubs and members true,
  Your spirit fills my soul and heart
  I regret that we must part!
Farewell, Oh! Sophs and Freshmen, too,
For soon our journey will be through;
And we could not with conscience clear
Leave you without a wish sincere.
To all who hear us, now farewell!
This melancholy anthem swell
To worlds of joy and worlds of pain
In which, by chance, we meet again.
Oh! Junior Class, I bid adieu
And leave a record here for you.
Excell! Excell! howe'er you may,
And you will win your fame some day.
Keep up your scholarship so high
And keep your eyes upon the sky;
Uphold your honor and your name
In the class and in the game.
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