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Woodrow Wilson
 High School
Portsmouth, VA
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The Class Roster and pictures are as represented in the Woodrow Wilson High School, Portsmouth, Virginia yearbook or annual of the year indicated on the page.  The Roster may not be complete and pictures and names may have been removed by request of the person involved. Also, it does not officially indicate the year of graduation and/or that the party in question graduated.  If you are not represented in your class, you will be added to the last page of the year and you may submit a photo to be added.  All information on these pages came from the yearbook represented and alumni who have passed on information and may not be accurate.
   John “Eddie” Lee ’68


1924 Class History
 September.     Up exceedingly betimes. Almost I did forget what day it was, but then anon came back to me the woeful  
                            thought today doth schools beguine ! With haste did I myselfe arrays and hie me dowse to school by means of a jitnie. There found I exceeding noise and  bustle.  With much adoe our classes did we arrange and our societies alsoe.  Then with high resolve and purpose most noble did we our work beginne.

 October.       This month the maidens do for basket-ball report and the lads their ball games do beginne. The lads did
                          take the scalps of the indian. Ducs, but then, O Woe ! did the Shipbuilders putte one over on us and we were exceeding sad until our lads did romp on the Crabbers. With much pride did we our Student Government organize. The detention room, scene of much grief and woe, did open its doors to us enfolde.

 November.    Our first reports do now appear and those high resolves and  noble purpose with which we started do take now a some what paler aspect. Our spirits subdued by these reports do take an upward turne when our ancient enemie Maurie bows in deflate to our Wilson lads and these same spirits soare aloft when we do defeat Walter Reed and thus become Champions of Eastern Virginia. Inspired by educational week we made our high resolves anew.

 December.    Alack! Alas! Roanoke proverb too strong for our noble lads and the State Championship is lost! "The
                          Private Secretary," a comedie given by our Dramatic Club did prove a great success.   Now cometh Christmasse and with great joy do we bid farewell to school for ten most blissfully days.

 January.       Back to our tasks we go with a new set of purposes and high  resolutions.  We see Julius Caesar on the 
                         screen and we wonder why fate did not him overtake before those commentaries. were written. With enthusiasm and much primping we hie us down to get our likeness made. With less enthusiasm we view the pictures afterwards. And then we do console ourselves with the thought that mayhape the picture will look better in the annual than it appearers to us at present. Now from our midst goeth forth the class of '23½. Our sorrow for the loss of them is somewhat obscured by deep anxiety for now cometh that most trying time, mid-term examinations.

We started in September
     Just four short years ago,
We were welcomed by the others,
     Then worked with a will you know.
Our Latin and our English
      We've studied day by day,
Until the time at last has come
      When we must go away.
So good-bye to Wilson Hi,
To Wilson Hi, Good-bye-
We all leave you with a sigh
    For we love you well.
But we now must bid to you,
Our teachers, classmates, too,
A fond, yet sad, adieu,
    As we say farewell.
We,ve worried all our teachers,
     But yet we weren't so bad;
We have boosted our athletics,
     And Oh! but the times we've had!
Our old Alma Mater
      We've had our fun with you,
And all too soon the time has come
      For us to say adieu.

-Alma West
 February.    With much anxiety and groaning of spirit the week of mid-term examinations goeth bye. Verily we do
                        resolve that if we get through these examinations we will put forth a mighty effort to be fully prepared when the finals do come. Bye my troth ! Never have I seen so many little beast. These are the rats who have come from their former haunts to hurry and scurry through the halls of Wilson for the next four years. Now do the seniors beginne their practice for the great circus which cometh soon. The statistics pictures are taken and the month endeth with the first snow storm of the season.

 March.        The first reports of the new term cometh in bringing with them wailing and gnashing of teeth. We hark
                        back to our high resolves and noble   purposes but find that they availers us not. However we do resolve that we will make enough effort to scrape thru D.V. Tuesday, March the fourth, strange people from the land of Japan visited us and we were greatly enthralled by the doings of the Mikado and his court. The circus cometh off with much merry making and all do enjoy it. 

 April.          Now cometh April with its fair showers. Baby day is here and the infants do looks most fetching. Easter 
                      cometh bringing its longed for holiday which greatly refreshes our spirits. 

 May. It beginning to down upon us that only five short week interview between now and that fearsome time of
                     finale examinations and we do proceeds to gather up all our good resolutions and start in to dig in real earnest. May Day doth gladden us with its joys and gay festivities.

With feare in our hearts and crumblings in our knees we get through examination week. Joye and Sadness are mingled in our Class Day exercises. We array ourselves in our caps and gowns and are greatly edified by the Baccalaureate Sermon. We receive our diplomas and our high school career endeth.