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Vol. LV    No. 9
June 3, 1966
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Special Class of '66 Issue
Baccalaureate Service Sunday

Friday Date For Commencement
GO TO THE HEAD OF THE CLASS.   The four class presi- dents for 1966-67 elected recently are, from top to bottom, Bobby Holland, Sophomore Class; Linda Guntar, 4B Senior Class; Pat Kreger, Junior Class; and Ginny Oliver, June Senior Class.
Reverend C. Vache
To Deliver Sermon

  Reverend C. Charles Vache, rec­ tor of Trinity Episcopal Church in Portsmouth, will deliver a sermon relating to this year's school theme, "Climb Every Mountain," at the Baccalaureate service for Class of "66 Sunday at 4 p.m. in T. A. Wil-lett Auditorium.
  Graduates Kemper Miller and Joe Mayes will read from the Scriptures Luke 9:28-36, and Psalm 145, respectively.
  The congregation will sing three hymns accompanied by the concert band: "A Mighty Fortress is Our God," "Holy, Holy, Holy," and "Now We Thank All Our God." The band will also play as the Seniors march in and out of the auditorium.
  "The service is open to the pub­ lic and everyone is invited," Miss Kanela Maydanis, Senior Class ad- visor, stated.
Reverend P. White Offers Invocation

  Approximately 363 Seniors will take part in commencement exer­cises for the 1966 June graduates next Friday at 8 p.m. in T. A. Willett Auditorium.

  Reverend Percy White of Broad Street Methodist Church will give the invocation and benediction.

  Speakers for the class include Tommy Buck, B207, who will speak on "Positive Protesting," and Anne Rivin, B207, whose topic will be "Youth Is In."

  Following these two speakers will be a musical selection, includ­ ing Rogers and Hammerstein's "You'll Never Walk Alone," sung by the WWHS Mixed Chorus.
Fred Talbot, B207, will give a talk entitled "Let Us Therefore Follow After the Things Which Make for Peace," and Paul Hurdle, K209, will speak on "Thr Matter of Maturity."

  The class song, lyrics written by Barbara Creech, B315, to be sung to the tune of "On the Street Where You Live," will be sung by the graduating class along with the WWHS Alma Mater.
  Dr. Robert W. Alien, principal, and Mr. W. T. Galliford, assistant principal, will present the diplomas and awards, respectively.
  The Class of '66 consists 211 girls and 152 boys, five girls and two boys of whom are from night school.
  Carol Crute, B304, valedictorian, and Talbot, salutatorian, will reign over the forty-three honor grad-uates
Guntar, Oliver, Kreger, Holland
       Elected '66-'67 Class Leaders

  Senior, Junior, and Sophomore Classes have elected their class of­ficers fo rthe 1966-67 school year over the past few weeks.
  Named by their classmates as officers of the January Senior Class are Linda Gunter, president; Donna Parker, vice president; Jo Ann Botner, secretary; Janie Brooks, treasurer; and Carolyn Grimes, SCA representative. Mr. David Wheeler, English Depart­ment, was chosen as faculty ad­visor.
  Ginny Oliver will serve the June Senior Class as president. She will be assisted by Bill Van Dyke, vice president; Bonny Ross, secretary; Jim Stevenson, boys' treasurer; Betty Cadleson, girls' treasurer; Brenda Miller, Court of Honor rep­resentative; and Sandra Wilson, SCA representative. Mrs. Jeffry

Staples, Engllih teacher and cur­rently advisor to the Junior Clan, will again be the elan' advisor,
  The Junior Class for '66-67 elected Pat Kreger president. Aid­ ing her will be Shirley Ambrose, vice president; Becky Hale, secre­ tary; Jerry Tribble, Boys' treas­ urer; Linda Booth, girls' treasurer; Donna Trafton,court of honor rep­ resentative; and Sara Levinson SCA representative. Art teacher Mrs. Jo Anne Sweet will serve as class advisor.
  Bobby Holland will be the Sophomore Class president. Other officers of the class are Abby Wil-gard, vice president; Ruth Camp­ bell, secretary; Doug Whkley, treasurer; Tommy Rovere, Court of Honor representative; and Lynn Cook, SCA representative. Minx Lois Gusler, Science Department, will be the faculty advisor.
June 3, 1966
Baccalaureate Speaker
Commencement Program
$100-4800 Range
For Scholarships

  About $30,000 has been awarded to Wilson students in the form of scholarships. These range from $100 up to $4,800.

  Seniors Betty Lou Peele and Marshall Wilgard had received the biggest scholarships at press time. Betty Lou was awarded the $4,800 George M. Moffett Scholarship by the Whitehall Foundation. Marshall won a $4,400 scholarship to Bran-deis.

  Carol Crute and Paul Hurdle have won the most scholarships. Carol has received a $2,000 scholar­ship to Westhampton College, a $100 Soroptomists Club scholarship, and a Randolph-Macon Criven Distinguished Scholar award. Paul has won scholarships totaling $11,000 to the University of Vir­ginia, Hampden-Sydney College, Randolph-Macon College, and Duke.

  Jean Barry is the recipient of a $1,200 Presbyterian College schol­arship. The $1,000 Settle Scholar­ship to University of Richmond has been awarded to Bruce Burbage.

  Other scholarship winners are Linda Fay, Leon Morton, Douglas Bowles, Candy Frink, Patricia Williams, and Ann Lewis.
Assembly Honors
WWHS Principals


  "Surprise" was the key word at a special "surprise assembly" this morning' honoring departing ad­ministrators, Dr. Robert W. Alien, principal, and Mr. W. T. Galliford, assistant principal, in T. A. Willett Auditorium.
  Virtually all school departments took part in various presentations to the departing chiefs in a "Hall of Fame" framework under the overall supervision of the Student Council Association and its spon­sor, Mrs. Betty Blanford.
  Department participating and their presentations are as follows:
    • English Department: An orig­ inal skit as a tribute to Dr. Alien's and Mr. Galliford's years of service.
   • History Department: A his­ tory of the leaders' careers with the Portsmouth Public Schools.
  • Art Department: A pictorial Vocation Department.
   • Physical Educational Depart­ ment: The presentation of life­time passes to all WWHS athletic events to Dr. Alien and Mr. Galliford.
  • Music Department: An orig­ inal composition honoring the two men.
  • Commercial Department: Open letter of recommendation for each of the departing educators.
    • Guidance Department: A lamp for each "to light the way for years to come."
  • Science Department: Special "wishes" for the prospective fu­ ture of the educators.
  • Homemaking Department: An invitation to Dr. Alien and Mr. Galliford and their families to a brunch in their honor.
Presentation of the school's gifts to Dr. Alien and Mr. Galliford was made by Tommy Buck, president of the S.C.A.

  The Senior Class Banquet for the Class of '66 will be held tonight at 6:30 in the WWHS cafeteria.
  Principal Dr. Robert W. Alien will give the invocation. Senior Paul Hurdle will read the class history. Class president Joe Mayes will be master of ceremonies for the program.
  The menu will be prepared by the cafeteria staff under the direc­tion of Mrs. Estelle Sawyer, cafe­teria manager. It will consist of the following items: fruit cups, roast beef or fish, cream potatoes, buttered carrots, green peas, hot rolls, Boston cream pie, and ice tea.
  Approximately thirty Junior Class girls will serve.
  Banquet guests will include Dr. Robert W. Alien, principal, and Mrs. Alien; Mr. W. T, Galliford, assisltant principal, and Mrs. Galli
ford; Dr. M. E. Alford, superin­tendent of Portsmouth Public Schools, and Mrs. Alford; Dr. Mearl A. Kise, president of the Portsmouth School Board, and Mrs. Kise; and baccalaureate speaker Reverend C. Charles Vache.
  Invitations will also go out to Senior homeroom teachers and their spouses. These include Mr. and

Breakfast Monday

  The June graduating class will be treated to a senior breakfast on Monday at 7:45 a.m.
  The breakfast will consist of a selection of coffee, milk or juice with donuts.
  The highlight of the breakfast will be the distribution of the 1965-66 yearbooks to the Seniors who ordered them.
Mrs. David Blanford, Mr. and Mrs. James L. Brewster, Mr. and Mrs. Paul C. Butler, Mr. and Mrs. John M. Cardwell, III, Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Carter, Mr. and Mrs. William F. Chiswell, Mr. and Mrs. Wayne T. Curlee( Mr. and Mrs. Carl Determeyer, Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Hoofnagle, Mr. and Mrs. Amory Mullen, Miss Mary Prances Rice, Mr. and Mrs. George R. Ridenhour, Mr. and Mrs. Shelby West, and Mr. and Mrs. David E. Wheeler.

  Other invitations will go to Senior Class advisor Miss Kanela A. Maydanis; Mrs. Wallace H. Brady, director of the Senior Class play, and her husband; Mrs. Jef­frey Staples, Junior Class advisor, and Mr. Staples; Mr. Donald A. Ruzek, band director, and Mrs. Ruzek; Miss Carlene Watson, choral director; and Ginny Lynn Oliver, Junior Class president.
Roast  Beef, Fish  Top  Senior  Menu