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How do we, say Good-bye
to Wilson High.
The good times that made us laugh
Always be there . . .
We thought we'd stay, here forever,
But forever's gone away.

It's so hard to say Good-bye to Wilson High.

We don't know, where this road
Is going to lead,
All we know is where we've been, and
What we've been through, who . . .
When we leave, Wilson High School,
I hope it's worth all the wait.

It's so hard to say Good-bye to Wilson High.

And we'll take, with us the memories
Of all our good times and all the pain!

It's so hard to say Good-bye to Wilson High.

And we'll take, with us the memories
Of all our good times and all the pain!

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Patrice Slaughter - President; Vanessa Cannady - Vice-president; Kristin Sparks - Treasurer; Alicia Myers - Historian; Not Pictured: Yvette Rodgers - Secretary
1992 Senior Class Poem

The Seniors
By Lori Butler

His cap is in place.
A smile on his face,
As he walks down the aisle so grand.
His walk is a race,
He's leaving this place
Diploma in his hand.

Her step falters a bit.
There's a sudden urge to sit,
And let her peers just pass her by.
She laughs with the driest wit-
She won't miss this place a bit!
But Yes, she will, she thinks with an inward sigh.

They think of all the years.
All the trials, all the tears,
All the learning and the yearning and the life.
They remember all the fears 
And those memories, so dear
All the tests that they mistakenly called strife.

And yet, they somehow feel
With something akin to zeal
That the time is right for them to say goodbye,
And so, with the diplomas firmly sealed,
And as the bells begin to peal
The lift their heads, and say farewell to Wilson High.


Words by: Namon Jones and Patricia Slaughter

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