Wayne Ivey

Ellen M. James
Debra Johnson

Valerie Joyner
Teresa Jump
Lydia Lee

Delores Mason
Terri Lucas

Paulette Mason
Kim Joe

Keith Jones
Charisse Jackson

Hannah Jenkins
Mandall Jackson

Gwendolyn Jenkins
Steve Lilienthal

Janice Mason
Walter Mazyek

Deborah Miles
Dean Miles

Valerie Mitchell
Conrado Morgan

Rosetta Overton
Carlton Nelson

Ross Owen
Teresa Owens
Walter Pritchett

Steve Rea

Suzanne Robinson
Linda Prayer
Raymond Rowley
Mt. Jackson,Va
Lynette Saunders
Seniors Have A Good Time
Receiving a "Prexie" button from Beverly Greiner is Curtis Franklin
Most Likely to Succeed Sara Stein and Stave Hedgepeth pose in front of their beach cottage.
Leslie Kee
George Kozak
Kenny Rodgers assists the referee in signalling a "T.D." against Western Branch
Escorting Paula Yost at the Homecoming Assembly is Preston Fowler.
The Envelope Please?
Exchange student Marun Filho participated in many school activities.
Thinking ahead to her basketball game tonight is Debra Johnson.
Senior superlatives
Best Dressed: Linda Ford, Keith Jones
Most Athletic: Debra Johnson, Caralton Nelson
Best Personality: Jane Dasheill, Eric Wells
Most Popular: Janice Mason, Mandall Jackson
Best All Round: Janice Carr, Danny Burgess
Most School Spirited: June Sherrod, Mike Elliott
Most Likely To Succeed: Sara Stein, Steve Hedgepeth
Wittiesti Robin Harris, James Vann
Mosst Original: Denise Cumbo, Floyd Harrell
Seniors Dream Of Graduation
Best Dressed Keith Jones and Linda Ford strike a pose on a Lincoln.
Mike Powell
Jackie Prayer
Barry Royall
Class Roster
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