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   John “Eddie” Lee ’68

Our Freshman year, 1962, was a continually frightening experience for all of us. Unsure of ourselves, at first, we gradually became accustomed to "Big Time" Wilson, and found it could be a lot of fun.

This was the year Julia Dorsey Reed served as President of the S.C.A. Our class president was also a very able young lady, Ginny Lou Morin, and Homecoming was ruled over by a very gracious queen, Toni Williams. Our first final exams in January were a harrowing experience, but we all managed to survive somehow. In the spring, we witnessed the last Baby Day at Wilson, and lamented the fact that this marked the end of a long standing tradition.

In our Sophmore year, we again placed our trust in Ginny Lou Morin by electing her class president. This year, we were much more confident about our respective roles in high school life, and became more active in clubs and other extra-curricular activities.  Homecoming festivities were celebrated with the crowning of lovely queen, Annette Jenkins; Elwood Owens served as president of the S.C.A., and Christmas vacation was highlighted by the annual Tri-Hi-Y and Hi-Y Sno Ball. The rest of the school year was mostly taken up with studies, and looking forward to the coming summer months.

Our Junior year proved to be an exciting one. We were led by class president, Janet Blow, and S.C.A. president, Bobby Heely. For the first time, members of our class were represented in the Homecoming court, one as Maid of Honor, and two as attendants. Avenell Harrington was voted Queen, and Paulette Taylor was voted Maid-of-Honor.

This was also the first year that Wilson had Marshals who served as ushers for various school functions. Members of our class were the first to serve in this capacity.

One memorable event of the year was the Dramatic Club production of Dino, which starred a member of our class, Joe Mayes.

Basketball turned out to be the highlight of our year. Our team came in second in the district, but won the State Championship. Even though the tournament was held in Richmond, we managed to have a terrific cheering section at every game.

Another highlight for us as a class was that some of our members were inducted into the National Honor Society during a memorable assembly program held in December. We ended the year by proving we really knew how to decorate for a Jr.-Sr. The Prom Committee worked hard, and produced a festive "Mardi-Gras", which was enjoyed by everyone who attended.

We returned to Wilson for our Senior year with mixed emotions. We were looking forward to graduation; but we were hesitant about leaving the place where we had enjoyed so many good times. This year, our class was headed by president Joe Mayes. Tommy Buck, another classmate, served as president of the S.C.A. We celebrated our last Homecoming, which was reigned over by Ginny Lou Morin

Studies were first on our list, but we really met with a lot of competition in this respect.  It just seemed as though the days were not long enough for everything that had to be done.  There were Senior portraits to be taken; class dues to be paid; calling cards to be ordered; games and meetings to be attended. Before we knew it, Christmas was around the corner, and that meant bulletin boards and baskets to be fixed.

One activity during the fall of the year that we really enjoyed, and put our whole hearts into was "Operation Christmas Card." Hundreds of messages were sent to our fighting men in Vietnam, which was, for us, a most satisfying experience.

Graduation finally came, and somehow all our efforts and frustrations seemed worth
while. We left to take our various places in the world in a style which we feel was befitting any student of Woodrow Wilson High School who is proud to uphold the traditions of his school.

To the tune of "The Street Where You Live" from My Fair Lady by A.J.Lerner and Frederick Loewe.   Words by Senior Barbara Creech.
I have often walked down these halls before,
But the tile has always stayed beneath y feet before.
All at once am I several stories high
Knowing it's graduation day.

How the time has flown. Oh, we hate goodbyes;
Foe we now must put our happy high school days aside.
any memories we will take with us
On this graduation day.

And oh this wonderful feeling
Knowing now we're out on our own.
This over powering feeling of learning much and
learning mmore in years to come.

Freshman stop and stare,
They don't bother me,
Cause I know that what I am is what they'd like to be.
Let the time go by for I know I
Will return on my homecoming day.
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