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   John “Eddie” Lee ’68

In the autumn of 60 we entered these halls,
scared and bewildered, to seniors we called,
"Please give us directions and show us the way!"
They sent us to D when it should have been A.
Dick Lasting as president earned much reknown,
With Patricia O'Brien in Homecoming crown.
For the first time at Wilson, the freshmen were led,
As an organized class, with Davis as head.

Now the next year as sophomores, club joiners to be,
Our school was expanded with new section E.
Bob Allen, school president, stayed on the beam,
While Freddie Sue Turner was Homecoming Queen.
Class President Davis, our basketball star,
Helped make our big team the best by far.
Then off the boys went to compete in the state,
Where fourth place was finally how we did rate.

Upperclassmen at last, our class rings we obtained.
Toni Williams this year, over Homecoming reigned.
Mabel Lawrence, Maid of Honor, was from our own class,
Woodie Motley, Pat Henderson, finished the cast.
Julia Reed took the gavel, and led us that year,
As the first female president chosen from here.
Glenn Crews steered our class on a course that was right,
And we danced in old "Camelot" on our prom night.

Now seniors at last we all look to "That Day",
When diplomas soon would be ours to display.
As Homecoming Queen, Annette Jenkins was great,
We in football this year many honors did rate.
£lwood Owens has captained the S.C.A. crew,
Which was made up of seniors from our own class too.
Senior class was directed by Robert Bartlett,
Our last year! Our fine school! We shall never forget!

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