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   John “Eddie” Lee ’68

Class Roster

Hey, look us over! Lend us an ear! We are the best class that was ever here.' With the strains of our class song still echoing the halls of Wilson, we leave our Alma Mater taking with us memories df the four best years of our lives.

It was the year 1959 when we first entered Wilson, somewhat frightened and confused with the "bigness" of it all. That year was quite a big one for us. We started on our way with the help of the Student Council headed by Marty Brennaman and looked up to our lovely Homecoming Queen, Jackie Drake. We became interested in school activities and participated in many. We made new friends and learned new things and finally began to become a real part of Wilson.

Summer came and passed quickly and September 1960 arrived and we entered the school year enthusiastic for we were no longer the lowest." This year our boys took active part in J.V. sports and our classmates were J.V. Cheerleaders. Dickie Lasting was S.C.A. President and Pat O'Brien reigned over Homecoming festivities. What a Homecoming it was too! Our team broke a four year winning streak of the St. John's team from Washington, D.C. by defeating them 7-6 for the old grads. Julia Dorsey Reed and Rick Rivin represented our class well on Wilson's first Scholastic Team. We were also the first sophomore class along with the freshman class to be organized separately. That was election year too, and we participated in a mock election, electing John F. Kennedy. Yes, it was a big year.

Then in September 1961 we finally entered the ranks of upperclassmen. We ordered our rings and anxiously awaited their arrival. Bobby Allen was S.C.A. President that year, and Freddie Sue Turner was Homecoming Queen. Our class was represented by Fan Helsel and Susanne Orenduff in the Home-coming Court. Our boys were now Varsity Team members and some of our girls were Varsity Cheer-leaders. Other members took responsible offices inclubs,duties on literary publications, and were debate team members. And of course we will all well remember the Junior-Senior, the hard work and long hours but especially the pride and joy of giving it and making it the best. But the big one was yet to come...

Finally, September 1962 rolled around, and it was here ... our Senior year. It was really the big one and the best one. Our class, unique in every way, made history by having the first girl to be S.C.A. President in about 30 years. Julia Dorsey Reed was that girl, and she served well in her office. Other class members filled S.C.A. offices, and Toni Williams reigned as "our" Homecoming Queen. The football team did a great job by compiling a 7-3 winning season, bettering those of the past three years. Dale Heely and Bob Cross were Co-Captains and more of our boys joined them on the team. Sarah Willis and Bobbie Weiss were Co-Head Cheerleaders and along with the other cheerleaders were able to bring school spirit to a peak. Charlie Parkerson headed the first Varsity Club to be organized at Wilson, and the Tri-Hi-Y's had a powder puff howl.

All these things and others ... college night ... campaign parties ... homework ... pep rallies
exams ... assemblies ... Senior themes ... Charlottesville ... plays ... Hi-Y and Tri-Hi-Y ... working on floats ... intramurals ... library ... football banquet ... Baby Day ... A.A. Cards ... class pictures
The STUDENT ... "fire drill" ... decorating the goal posts ... Student-Faculty game ... counseling
phys. ed. and home ec. ... and so many more have made our four years complete and wonderful here at W.W.H.S.

Yes, all of these things we will remember, "Class of '63."

 Hey, look us over! Lend us an ear!
 We are the best class that was ever here.  
 We've got the vigor, we've got the pep.  
 We'll never go down because we 
 have found, the only way is up!  
 And we'll be out on our own now,
 soon you will  see ... 
 no one can top the class of '63.  
 With intelligence,honor, and scholarship, 
 we'll work and win with fun.  
 So look out world, here we come ! 
by Julia Dorsey Reed

Tune: "Hey Look Me, Over" 

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