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~1953 June Class  History~

Remember September 9, 1948? That was the eventful day when we timidly set foot in the vast, endless halls of Woodrow Wilson High School for the very first time. We were the extreme ebb of bacteriological existance; in other words, Eighth Graders.
We were herded into registrations, and we made many new friends with students from school all over the city. That fall we were introduces to the activity card, that amazing little rectangle of paper which permitted us to take part in almost every event at Wilson.
Remember the auditorium seats and the never-to-be-found elevators? Remember Miss Mary Ames, our librarian, and the worth-while library lessons? And remember those first gym classes? I'll bet you do! The aching backs and creaking bones stayed with us for a long, long time.
I'm sure you can recall Bobby Green, the very popular President of the Student Body.
The Freshmen year ushered us into mixed classes. Why, sometimes we found ourselves sitting next to a mighty Senior! Speaking of Seniors, we now realize how we must have have interfered with their progress in the crowded halls with flurrying and scurrying, and forever getting into their more dignified ways.
In our Freshman year Wilson celebrated the Homecoming of the Class of 1924. We staged a wonderful Home­coming parade, and played Hopewell, and lost. Ah! Sad, sad.
The one way traffic system went into effect in the spring. Detouring to our classes became a necessity, or else we were stopped by a tap on the shoulder from a traffic assistant.
Do you recall the pride with which you wore your first Hi-Y and Tri-Hi-Y pins? There was something fas­cinating about that triangular pin with the little guard attached.
Those assemblies! Remember when the schedule changed regarding who would go to what assembly? Remember Maxie Weinberg? He always introduced the speaker thusly,- "It is indeed a rare privilege to present--".
By 1950 we held the rank of Sophomores, and we were old veterans around Wilson. Now it was our turn to cast an eye down at the energetic Eighth Graders.I
In English III we had the honor of sitting in on King Arthur's Court, and English IV saw us assassinating Julius Caesar. Some classes.
Remember the "Clock Craze"? The band building hadrecently been completed, and the band migrated from the cafeteria to its new habitate. Something in the band building clock fouled up the works of aH the other trusty timepieces in the school. Registration was over at five after nine, and first period lasted about two hours. Did you enjoy that thirty second lunch half? And those crazy periods! We really lived that day!
On April 11, we saw General DouglasMacArthur'sfarewell speech on television. We filed into the cafeteria, library, auditorium and various other rooms equipped with televisions for this memorable occasion.
This was the year that Mr. A. J. Mapp, our assistant principal, was promoted to Superintendent of Schools, and a very able new assistant, Mr. Robert W. Allen replaced him. We all were extremely fond of Mr. Mapp and equally fond of Mr. Allen.
Also, a new headache was heading our way. Remember the days when you cut into any line in the lunch room? Well, cutting into line is fast becoming a lost art with the construction of the new steel rail at the milk bar to make us stop this naughty, naughty, habit.
The Honorable George Burns was the President of the Student body that year.
We were really reaching the heights of supremacy in our all-important Junior year. Elections ran our lives for about a week. Miss Eleanor Dashiell was chosen to advise the Junior Class through thick and thin in the com­ing school year. Our officers were: President-Bobby Bunting, Vice-President-Marilyn Wright, Treasurer-Mary Beth Bunting, Secretary-Delores Hartung, and Representatives to Student Council-Rufus Cotton and Betty Lou Warren. Very able officers) all of them.

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Remember the dash for Chapman's, and the two dollar down payment on those Class rings? About this time~ the President staff went around begging orders for the annual. Then came the runners daringly breaking into classes to announce the pictures being taken in the auditorium. Wasn't it fun escaping geometry for those pre­cious few minutes whole you went to have yours made? Immediatly following this came the pilgrimage to Trib­ble's for class pictures.
Then the wonderful plans for the Junior-Senior I Can you recollect the tons of silver and blue crepe paper on every corner, and the million and one things to assemble and take care of? In spite of near disasters, casual catastrophies, and several suicides, the Junior-Senior was a slam-bang success.
We participated in the mock convention in 1952. Flags of all states were made, and plans flourished for the nomination. Estes Kefauver recie~ed the nomination for President from the Wilson students.
The third lunch half made its appearance near the end of our 3A term. By placing the Eighth Graders in their own lunch period, the other lunch halves were relieved of confusion and overcrowdedness.
We were deeply grieved over the loss of one of our beloved students, Doris Bender. Due to an unfortunate automobile accident, tragedy struck, and Doris passed away on the sixteenth of December, 1951.
Larry Goldman served as President during our Junior year.
Miss Dashiell was once again elected to the position of Class advisor in our Senior year. The officers were:
President-Bobby Bunting, Vice-President-Suzanne Journee, Secretary-Delores Hartung, Girl's Treasurer-Mary Beth Bunting, Boy's Treasurer-Lloyd Beale, and Representative to Student Council, Jerry Goldman.
Again we made appointments with one, Mr. Tribble. We also found ourselves deeply in debt after we shelled out cold cash for the Senior Class dues that go for everything from A to Z.
To our great disappointment the Homecoming parade was canceled because of the Bi-Centennial Parade, but we decorated store windows instead of floats.
Say, do you remember those Christmas Holidays? What fun!
Television sets were once again installed at Wilson. From these, we witnessed the historical inauguration of General Dwight D. Eisenhower, and the inaugural parade.
What do you think of the crowded conditions here at Wilson? Certainly wasn't like that when we came here, was it? We were forced to walk sideways in the halls. One of the worst things that could happen to a Wilson student was to suffer from claustrophobia!
Gee, our Senior year flew by! Before we realized, mile long term papers were due, measurements for caps and gowns, the big Junior-Senior and the wholesome fun of Baby Day was upon us.
So many things kept us occupied! Clubs, meetings, more meetings. Finally, ~ tryouts for the Class play, the banquet, and the great day, Commencernent, on Monday, June 15.
We reached the top of the scholastic ladder. Most made it through their own self-guidance; some were pulled; some were pushed; some of us slipped and are still climbing, but the memories of Dear Ole Wilson will stay with us forever.
Remember when:

All the Seniors had their pictures taken for the Annual?
Miss Dashiell sold papers and pencils to make money for our class?
Everyone was "broke" after paying his Dues?
What a great job the Senior boys did on the football team?
We voted on the Class Stastics?
The averages were figured up?
We "music loving Seniors" picked the Class Song?
The Banquet Committee was solving its problems? 
The Seniors were in utter confusion over Baby Day?
·Everybody had such a marvelous time at the Junior-Senior?
·The great dramatic talent of the Seniors was displayed at the Class Play? 
We finally walked down the aisle for that little square piece of paper?
To Wilson Hgh we must now say good-bye,
To make our life more worthwhile we will try,
Ant to our friends that we have met, 
Our class and prom we'll not forget.

That we have all treasured so much,
Our graduation is here now at last,
It's not at all like we thought from the past.
And we believe that there will never be,
Aprouder class than "53".

By - Shirley Cone


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