First class to graduate after the beginning of WWII.
President - Philmore Joyner
Vice-President - Chrystal Veal
Girls' Treasurer -  Mary Etheridge
Boys' Treasurer - W. H. Godwin
SCA Repersentative - Brownley Haug
Frances E. Harris
Smithfield, VA

Brownley Hammerlund Haug
Evelyn Marie Burton

Thelma Marie Bryan
Phyllis Louise Byrd

Lillie Mae Carr
Geneva May Cress

Lois Jeanette Davis
Mabel Wilden Lowe

Ardella Mae McClellan
Mary Elizabeth Etheridge

Marion Lois Flanders
Willie Loraine Gatling

Shirley May Glover
Virginia Ann Baker

Louise Keturah Brinkley
Evelyn Anna Holderfield

Betty Louise Hughes
Jacqueline Aileen Hutchins

Ruth Eleanor Lassiter
Marilyn Edmunds Shumaker

Mary Eliza Staples
Yvonne Esmond McCoy

Ellen Catherine Miller
Dorothy Ann Parkerson

Evelyn Garnett Richardson
LaBelle Marie Taylor

Virginia Belle Tevis
Eugena Ray Sweeney

Mary Evelyn Sweet
Grace Virginia Sykes

Evelyn Hope Tabor
Mary Kendall Sword
Portsmouth, VA

Marjorie Marie Williams

Chrystal LaFrance Veal

Mary Alice Wall
Virginia Dare Warren

Edna Elizabeth Williams
John Granville Browne

Thomas Gray Brukse
William Thomas Alexander

Hubert Elemore Batten
William Bradshaw

Aaron Brewer
Linwood G. Gooding

Henry Maurice Grimes
Mike Caprio

Mills J. Cullins, Jr.
George Frederick Elsasser

William Herbert Godwin
Mahlon Willis Manning

Phillip Dozier Parker, Jr.
Sylvester Erwin Hathaway, Jr.

William Colbert Hayes
Elliot Philmore Joyner

Eugene Melvin Lilienthal
Milton B. Vass

Walter Alexander Williams
Charles Daniel Rollins

Joseph W. Stephenson
Robert Irwin Sunday

Robert Lewis Turner
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Woodrow Wilson
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