Gather closer, gentle hearer
     And lend your listening ears
To a tale of the adventures
     We have had for these four years.

Hear how in bright September
     In the year of 'seventeen.
When the sun was on the water
     And the air was bright and keen.

We left the land of Grammer School
     To travel unknown ways,
And we launched our ship, "Ambition,"
     On the sea of High School Days.

We braved the storms of Algebra
That dim, remote first year;
     We conqured Demon Latin,
     Whom we once held in fear.

Three angry seas that second year
     Oue ship did bravely sail,
And many monsters, called French verbs,
     Made bravest seamen pale.

But with the dark third year there rose
Two mightist of all --
     Geometry and Cicero,
     And many men did fall.

The last long year our ship was swamped
     In the untraveled seas
Of Physics, Chemistry and Trig.
     Without a helping breeze.
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Tune: "  My Mammy"

People we have gathered
Here to say goodbye;
Four years we've labored and now it is done,
We've fought the battle and vict'ry we've won.
High School days are over, 
Tears are in each eye
As we make our farewell
To old Wilson Hi.

Wilson, Wilson,
Schools are east
Schools are west, 
But our old school
Is the very best.
Wilson, Wilson,
Our heartstrings are tied all around old Wilson;
We are leaving.
Leaving the Orange and Blue,
And we're grieving
As we make our sad adieu.
Wilson, Wilson,
Where're we stray we'll come back some day
To Wilson.

We'll always be loyal
To the school we love,
Though we must part and never meet again.
Classmates and friends we will always remain,
Sadly do we leave you
Yo take up life's task;
Standing at the crossroads,
Thy blessing we ask.

Lille Riddle
Mildred Emmerson
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